[Jobs] realestate.com.au/propertyfinder.com hiring UK folks for relocation

Kirrily Robert skud at infotrope.net
Mon Sep 4 02:55:46 BST 2006


Just heard this in a meeting this morning.

I work for realestate.com.au in Melbourne, Australia.  We recently
acquired propertyfinder.com (based in London) and have a development team
there too.  But word is that my company is actively recruiting Brits to
come work in Australia.  I mean, we're recruiting *anyone* right now,
because good Perl people are hard to find, but right now they're making a
special push in the UK, apparently.

Here's the job ad: http://jobs.perl.org/job/4404

If anyone's interested, please contact me directly rather than through HR,
so I get a referral bonus ;)


Kirrily Robert
skud at infotrope.net

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