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Jonathan Stowe jns at gellyfish.com
Wed Apr 4 17:08:39 BST 2007

I said to Ian that I would forward this. A brief synopsis is Integration
Engineer to work in a telecommunications environment for Spinvox in

The guy's address is at the bottom.


Integration Engineer – Delivery Systems

Permanent or contract will be considered

This role is a software engineering position in the Infrastructure team
in Development. Your main role will be developing and testing of
integrations with client companies particularly in the Delivery systems

As pert of this work you will be liaising directly with technical staff
at client companies, and working with others on the commercial side of
spinvox to ensure an effective relationship with clients.

Your responsibilities will include:

      * Developing and testing integration components
      * Prototyping or proof-of-concept work as needed
      * Maintaining existing integrations; e.g. as required when our
        middleware changes

There may be some travel to client sites, but in general communication
will be achieved via conference calls and email. As time allows, you may
also perform other software engineering tasks within the infrastructure

This position reports to the Infrastructure development Manager.

About You

We are looking for a self-motivated experienced software engineer, who
enjoys working in the dynamic and flexible environment of a successful
and rapidly growing start-up.


      * Strong Software engineering skills, both for rapid prototyping,
        and the design & development of robust production code.
      * Strong Perl programming skill including OO
      * Experience with C# or Java
      * Comfortable with development under linux.
      * Development experience with email protocols, including
        SMTP,IMAP,and MIME.
      * Development experience with internet protocols such as
        FTP,HTP,and understanding of TCP/IP networking

Location : Marlow , Berkshire

For any further information please contact Ian Masih on 0121 248 4777 or
Email: ian at inov8-it.com

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