[Jobs] Web development - Chiswick

Bob Browning bob at textor.com
Thu Feb 1 08:38:54 GMT 2007

We are a small web technology company based in Chiswick, West London. We
develop content management and ecommerce software based around perl, MySQL,
Unix and Apache. 
You are a web developer, either a new graduate or a person with 1-2 years
experience. Essential technical requirements are: Perl, Unix, a knowledge of
HTML and Style Sheets. 
You have a strong desire to learn new skills in this rapidly changing
technical environment. You can also come up with creative solutions to
technical and end-user problems. You will need to deal with customers who
are often technically illiterate so patience and communication skills will
be a great asset. 

Mail your cv to bob at textor.com with a covering email to tell us why you
would like to work with a company like ours


Bob Browning  020 8400 6115   bob at textor.com
Textor Webmasters Ltd  http://www.textor.com

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