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Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Mon Jan 8 12:29:55 GMT 2007

FWDd from offlist mail ...


Hi Simon,
Thanks for your time on the phone earlier.
As discussed I have included an attachment to the Autonomy Product Developer
job spec that we are currently working to, and you can visit the Autonomy
website by following www.autonomy.com.
Autonomy are a Cambs-based, NASDAQ-listed software house, whose very existence
was built on ground-breaking research carried out from Cambridge
university. They  are at the 'top of the food chain' and use techniques such as
image processing, advanced pattern recognition, data mining, Neural Networks,
and Artificial Intelligence to fully automate the process of reading any type
of unstructured information such as emails, documents, phone calls and video.


Their workplace is made up of staff sourced from the top 5 percentile of UK
academic Institutions, which I assume their success is largely based around,
and I am certain that your academics will be of interest. This means that you
will be working with like-minded individuals, in what is a
highly technologically advanced environment.


The salary for this role will be reflected in the amount of experience in C,C++
or Java, the level of academics achieved and also your own expectations. We are
free, therefore, to pitch you at a level in line with your own expectations.


The role will offer training, progression opportunities, regular salary
reviews, responsibility, the chance to work with leading edge products, and
diversity in the work-place all contributing to an advanced learning curve and
career development.


Your thoughts on this position are of course most welcome, and I am interested
to know if you would like to submit an application for this position.
Dominic Spinelli
Head of Biometrics and Digital Identity  Solutions
Email: Dominic.Spinelli at idealpeople.net
Work: 01908 562503     
Mobile: 07729458807
1&2 the Chestnuts
Mill Farm Courtyard
Milton Keynes United

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