[Jobs] lokku (www.nestoria.co.uk) - covent garden

Mike Astle astle at lokku.com
Wed Jan 31 10:44:14 GMT 2007

Lokku Limited (proud owners of www.nestoria.co.uk) are now recruiting a 
perl programmer.  This is very much a startup environment (7 employees, 
4 engineers, one room) where employees are expected to wear several 
fashionable hats and contribute to decisions across the business.

General experience with perl and internet development is more important 
than specific exposure to a set of acronyms or libraries, but time spent 
with LAMP, AJAX, and Mason are definite bonuses for this particular 
role.  We are looking for a full time hire to work out of our offices in 
Covent Garden.  No contractors or telecommuters, please.

More information in a pithy tone:


This position is currently filled by london.pm lurker Edmund von der 
Burg (evdb >at< lokku.com) who will be leaving the company in March.  He 
has generously volunteered to field more detailed questions about the role.

Please send CVs to jobs >at< lokku.com.

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