[Jobs] Software Developer, Sanger Institute

Vivek Iyer vvi at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Mar 5 10:28:08 GMT 2009

We are looking to hire a couple of good perl developers /  
informaticians for a 2.5 yr term in the High Throughput Gene  
Targeting team  - http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Teams/Team87 - at the  
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton (near Cambridge).

The role involves requirements gathering and developing software to  
support the molecular biology lab.  There are also some good  
informatics projects to do with the data we're gathering.  Our lab  
has about 25 scientists and staff, and currently has a team of five  
providing software support.  We are deep into a couple of large gene- 
knockout projects (KOMP: http://www.knockoutmouse.org and EUCOMM:  
http://www.eucomm.org).  Some of our software is deployed here:  

The core skills we need are server-side (OO-) perl over relational  
databases. We use Catalyst, Template Toolkit and Prototype/ 
Scriptaculous & Jquery. If you have equivalent skills and you're  
interested then you should get in touch.  The salary is c. 27k - 37k,  
and you need to apply using the Sanger's jobs site. The full job  
details are on the current jobs section of the Sanger site, here -


This project has been fun over the last couple of years (we have a  
good team).  I think it will continue to be that way, plus Sanger is  
a good place to make contacts with other groups and scientists.  If  
you want to find out more informally then you could also contact me,  
vvi at sanger.ac.uk .



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