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Paul Makepeace paulm at paulm.com
Fri Mar 20 07:21:35 GMT 2009

Not specifically a Perl job but some folks might be looking outside...

This is all the detail I have right now; I can put you in touch if it's
something you're seriously interested in.


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Paul -

If you know anyone interested in the below, let me know.
Would need to be a sharp person (persons), usually she deals with
pretty high level deals.

Hey Mike

Remember I told you a friend of mine was running the Development team in
Websense (Reading, UK) and was looking for people. They have built a SaaS
environment for security in both web and online.  They also built management
software that monitors everything.  They are looking for a manager
(technical hands on) that understands scalability issues in databases but
also does portals - your skill set would be perfect of course.  Any chance
any of your friends are looking in England?  Apparently they are not afraid
to pay well.

Also they are looking for Database Developer - or someone who understands
the issues around massing large amounts of data.  And finally a
client/server engineer for the Portal.

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