[Jobs] Build Systems Engineer Role at Photobox

Web Team Jobs webteamjobs at photobox.com
Mon Aug 16 08:41:15 BST 2010

Photobox is currently looking for a build systems engineer to assist
in setting up a new comprehensive build environment for our web
platform.  The objective of this project is to enable simple one
command deployment of our applications to existing and new live,
testing and development environments.

This role, based in our Paddington office in London, is initially
offered as a contract position at 450ukp/day for a period of three
months, though for the right candidate we would consider a permanent

Key technologies that we would like the candidate to be familiar include:

- Perl, mod_perl, Perl testing frameworks
- Deployment systems such as CFengine and Puppet.
- The debian packaging system and creating debian distributions.
- Apache
- Ubuntu Linux

Other technologies that would be beneficial include:

- Perl libraries such as Moose, Template Toolkit, Mason
- PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript and AJAX.
- Monitoring software such as Nagios, Munin
- Amazon EC2 technologies, including AMI creation and monitoring in the cloud
- In house virtualisation technologies such as VMWare and Xen
- Automated testing software such as Selenium
- Linux LVS technologies

Fluency in french and other european languages considered beneficial.

Candidates should submit their CVs to webteamjobs at photobox.com

Mark Fowler

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