[Jobs] Perl Developer role at Claranet in Central London

Stephen Richards stephen.richards at eu.clara.net
Mon Feb 15 11:56:54 GMT 2010

Here's a few more details about the perl developer role at Claranet  
that was posted a a couple of weeks ago:

JOB TITLE: Systems Developer


The Hosting Service Centre is the Claranet Group Centre of Excellence  
where the research and development of new platforms and products and  
day-to-day operations of Volume Hosting platforms take place.  Today,  
the HSC operate the Volume Hosting platforms for many of our European  
Operating Companies on infrastructure hosted in the UK.

You will be working on the team responsible for the development of the  
Graceland project – a project to automate the deployment and  
configuration of physical and virtual servers, routers, switches,  
firewalls and load balancers for customer solutions deployed  
throughout Europe.  This project is seen as essential to the future of  
Claranet and has been described by Charles Nasser, CEO, as “the most  
important project currently underway at Claranet”.

This is a fast-moving environment where you're required to have a good  
understanding not only of the programming languages and frameworks  
that we use, but of operating systems, virtualisation, network  
configuration, and server configuration management as well (see below  
for the tools we use).  The role involves developing both the  
graphical user interface and the API which are called by the GUI to  
control and query the servers.


-	To agree specifications with Architect
-	To develop user interfaces in perl / Catalyst to the agreed  
-	To develop backend APIs to interrogate and configure network devices
-	To develop backend APIs to deploy, configure and interrogate  
servers, VMMs and VMs
-	To develop an automated test regime which will test the developed  
software on all certified hardware configurations
-	Contribute to the design of the application
-	Document the application
-	Train users and assist in rollout of the application

POSITIONS SPECIFICATIONS (State educational and job experience  

Required Experience and expertise:
-	Perl: must be completely comfortable maintaining and writing object- 
oriented Perl, and be able to write good, modular, understandable code
-	Catalyst: should have experience of using Catalyst web application  
-	MySQL: Must be completely comfortable using MySQL, and have an  
excellent knowledge of SQL
-	Ajax / JavaScript: must be comfortable using Ajax libraries and  
JavaScript to achieve maximum user-friendliness on web pages
-	Good understanding of networking concepts, including
     	-	VLANs
     	-  	Loadbalancer configuration
     	-	Firewall configuration
-	Familiarity with Dell hardware, DRAC
-	Good knowledge of Red Hat Linux and all flavours of Windows
-	Exposure to Virtualisation (Hyper-V, VMware and Xen)
-	Good troubleshooting skills
-	Good communication skills (European language like French, Spanish,  
Portuguese would be a plus)

Come and join a commited, dedicated team at a company where technical  
knowledge and expertise is valued.

There's a competitive Central London salary for the right candidate,  
and the normal benefits: 5 weeks holiday, free broadband, medical  
insurance, etc.

Find out more about Claranet at http://www.clara.net

Please send your CV to: stephen.richards at eu.clara.net

Stephen Richards
Hosting Service Centre Manager
Claranet Limited
21 Southampton Row
London WC1B 5HA

Tel:  	+44 (0) 20 7685 8226
Email: 	stephen.richards at eu.clara.net
Web: 	www.clara.net

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