[Jobs] Nestoria needs an Engineering Manager - Central London

Mike Astle astle at lokku.com
Fri Mar 26 17:25:24 GMT 2010

Lokku is the company that makes the Nestoria property search engine.


Our team has grown from 4 to 11 over the last few years and is about to 
grow some more.  We are looking to immediately hire a senior software 
engineer with management experience.

Some highlights:

* This job will involve managing people, but we are not looking for 
someone that has given up on coding.  This role >will< be committing to 
the source repository.

* We love Perl, but we are willing to bring someone in that has not yet 
learned to love Perl quite as much as us.  Please distribute this 
announcement to anyone that you think is a first rate engineering 
manager no matter what their language or editor preference.

* Lokku is willing to pay a higher-than-average salary for a 
better-than-average person.  We also offer ownership in the company 
through a share option scheme that is tax efficient.

* We are not truly a start-up anymore, but we will never be a "big" 
company.  Lokku needs someone that can wear a lot of hats and thrive 
without structure.

Full details are here:



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