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Web Team Jobs webteamjobs at photobox.com
Wed Apr 6 10:27:29 BST 2011

Photobox is Europe's leading online personal publishing and printing service.
Based metres from Paddington station, Photobox's London office hosts the Scrum
teams responsible for development of the Photobox website.  Following agile
methodologies the teams build the large-scale, heavy volume, customer
facing website, internal admin tools, and
the API that glues it all together.  They're domain experts in what they do,
be it anything from spinning up hundreds of cloud based servers to cope with a
surge in customer demand to developing rich interactive user experience with

An ideal candidate would be enthusiastic about modern Perl programming and
have a passion for HTML, CSS and all things in the browser.

**Main purpose of the contract**
To expand Photobox’s suite of automated regression tests.
As part of our continuous integration project, Photobox has already automated
some 50% of regression test cases using Selenium but the scripts were written
in Ruby and some of them are now out of date. Our core technology is perl and
it has therefore been decided to port the existing scripts to a perl framework
(based on Test::WWW::Selenium) given that we have plenty of in-house perl

This role will involve working closely with our QA and scrum teams to expand
our frontend test cases, convert and polish the Ruby scripts and extend test
coverage to close to 100% of our manual regression test suite.

**Technical Skills**
The successful candidate is required to have the following technical

- Perl – at least 3 years’ experience of OO Perl, CPAN etc.
- HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript - good working knowledge
- SVN, GIT. cvs or another source code management system
- Good analytical skills

- Any experience with Selenium
- Basic knowledge of Ruby
- An awareness of common testing procedures and methodologies
- Basic knowledge of Hudson

£300 to £350 per day

Please submit your application to webteamjobs at photobox.com

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