[Jobs] Jr./Mid Perl Developer

Uri Guttman uri at PerlHunter.com
Mon Jul 11 07:41:06 BST 2011

Jr./Mid Perl Developer
Fleet, Hampshire, UK

My client is looking for a junior/mid-level Perl developer to join their
team. Their product is a very active LAMP based web site with the usual
development needs listed below. Real world experience in their
technologies is required. If you have deep experience and are well
matched, a higher salary may be available. You must be a legal resident
of the UK so no telecommute candidates or visa requests.

This company has some very nice side benefits for the right
candidate. Their new offices are a 2 minute walk away from a station
with direct links to London and Southampton which makes for easier
commuting. If you are hired, you work with a top end CPU with dual
monitors, sit in an ergonomic chair and even get a reserved parking
space. The office is very laid back with a casual dress code and
bringing in your iPod is encouraged.

Required Skills:

OO Perl
Refactoring legacy code
Templating systems
Solid English and Communication skills

Desired Skills:

Linux & Windows sysadmin skills
Configuring Apache, MySQL, DNS, firewalls, etc.
Source control systems

If you apply to the Perl Hunter, selected candidates will free resume
editing, code review and coaching for interviews. Resumes submitted by
me are usually put at the top of the pile and have a much better chance
of getting interviews and landing the job. See this for more about this:


If you are interested in this job, please send your resume to PDF AT
PerlHunter.com in PDF or PLAIN TEXT only.  Also send samples of your
Perl code (CPAN id or github URL is fine). Put in your email your
contact information. I will contact the best candidates and during a
phone screen we will discuss your Perl code, projects and relevant

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