[Jobs] lokku needs 2 junior coders to work on nestoria

Mike Astle astle at lokku.com
Wed Jun 22 11:41:04 BST 2011

Lokku is the company that makes the Nestoria property search engine.

Some links:


   (+ 6 other countries!)

We are looking to immediately hire 2 junior software developers.

A few headline points:

* This is an entry-level gig.  We are looking for recent graduates or 
those with a few years of professional experience looking to make a change.

* This is a Perl coding job, but we are willing to hire good programmers 
that have little or no Perl experience and teach them The Ways of The 
Camel.  Applications may be new to Perl, but familiarity with the UNIX 
environment is a hard requirement.  We have no bias for vi or emacs.  We 
 >do< have a strong bias against IDEs.

* Starting salary is 30K GBP with an annual bonus of up to 10% based on 
company performance.

* Lokku is a profitable business that's been around for 5 years. We may 
not be an official 'startup' any more, but we will always be a small 
company literally and philosophically.  We believe that Lokku is a good 
environment for learning, especially for those that think they might 
like to do a startup in the future.

Full details (including how to contact us) are here:


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