[Jobs] Experienced Perl Developer sought by Lokku Ltd (Nestoria)

Alex Balhatchet alex at lokku.com
Wed Aug 8 11:40:48 BST 2012

Hi guys and girls,

We're looking for a Perl developer with 2+ years of experience programming
professionally to join our engineering team in central London, primarily to
work on the Nestoria property search engine (http://www.nestoria.com)

Nestoria is a great product to work on. As a vertical search engine we work
hard to solve many of the same problems as a larger search company:

* Reliably and quickly processing millions of listings
* Even more quickly searching those listings at query time
* Tracking user behaviour and always improving the user experience
* Internationalization - we work in eight countries with six languages
* Geocoding, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Historical
House Price Aggregation, Mobile Web...

We are looking for somebody who has:

* 2+ years' experience as a professional Perl programmer
* Strong knowledge of Perl best practices and modern Perl development practices
* Excellent technical communication skills
* A desire to coach, mentor and share your experience with junior team members

We're offering c. £45K plus bonus.

If that sounds interesting to you check out the full job ad here:


If you have any questions or if you'd like to apply please get in
touch at perldeveloper at lokku.com

I'll also be at the London.pm technical meet up this coming Tuesday if
you'd like to catch me in person :-)


- Alex

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