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Struan Bartlett struan.bartlett at NewsNow.co.uk
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My previous email probably came through poorly formatted! I'd be 
grateful for you posting the following to the jobs list instead - thanks!

OO Perl Developer - London - Excellent beer money (according to exp.) - 
Full time/Permanent/On-site Only

About the Job

We have a number of truly unique Perl developer opportunities (varied 
levels), available at a company responsible for the UK's leading news 
aggregation website, one of the UK's largest independent online 
publishing operations.

Now in its 15th year, NewsNow is one of the UK's great unsung success 
stories. Today its website serves up to 150m page views a month, and 
reaches a significant proportion of UK internet users - nearly 1 in 7 
working age males. Traffic is set to double in three years.

This is a great opportunity to make a difference at a company still 
looking to make a difference - to popular news consumption habits - at 
the same time as further broadening its appeal, reach and market share.

We are looking for several developers to join the team, and help us 
build new features and enhancements to our Perl platform - this includes 
back-end bots, search technology, server control functionality and 
front-end interfaces.

We need hard-working, professional developers, who want to make a 
difference and aren't afraid of a challenge. Our Perl development team 
builds the platform behind all aspects of the business, including the 
websites (classic & mobile), data processing, analysis, reporting, and 
CRM. The architecture is mainly based on Linux, Apache, nearly 200k 
lines of Perl, MySQL, Amazon Web Services (EC2/S3), memcached and other 
technologies (including NewsNow NetStart and other clever stuff we're 
just beginning to open source).


* Strong OO Perl development skills
* Linux (ideally Debian/Ubuntu), Apache2, MySQL
* Database / data-processing experience


* Amazon's Web Services (EC2/S3)
* Large-scale data processing, distributed systems
* Good theoretical grounding, whether obtained via academia or work 
* Ajax, jQuery, visual design skills

Apply now to struan dot bartlett at NewsNow.co.uk with your CV 
(/\.pdf$/i && !/\.docx?$/i || die)

Struan Bartlett


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