[Jobs] Urgent - Permanent - Perl Developer - UK

Charesa Gayle c.gayle at montreal.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 13:40:16 GMT 2012

Hello Developers,

We urgently require a number of Perl Developers for permanent positions
based in Hampshire. Our client is offering exceptional competitive
salaries, benefits and excellent career progression for right minded
exceptional individuals. Please find below the details of the permanent
position and if you feel you are suited to the role please get in
contact with me. If not, please feel free to forward this to a friend or
colleague who may be more suited.

We are looking for a passionate Perl developer. Almost any level of
experience will be considered as we are looking for mid - senior level
developer but you will have:

*	At least 12 months experience in Perl (but don't be afraid to
apply if you have 10yrs+)
*	Strong SQL
Additionally any of the following would be advantageous:
*	Apache config
*	 MySQL administration
*	Template toolkit
*	 OO Perl
*	mod_perl
*	Moose
*	Linux sysadmin
*	 Subversion
*	Javascript / JQuery
*	Any leadership experience - but this is certainly not required

You will have access to:
*	High quality dual monitors
*	High spec PC
*	 Dedicated, helpful and experienced tech team
*	Ergonomic seating
*	 iPad friendly
*	Laid back dress code
Reserved parking space

Best Regards,

Charesa Gayle
Montreal Associates
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We have now moved to our new office!
Please make a note of these new contact details:

1st Floor, 6 Thomas More Square,
London, E1W 1YW
Tel: +44 20 7481 7585(DDI)
Tel: +44 20 7481 7575 (Switchboard)
Fax: +44 20 7481 7576

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