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Vivek Iyer vvi at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Sep 25 09:59:48 BST 2012

I am looking for two software developers to help us build up, extend and run our lab-tracking and analysis systems. Our core activity is writing web applications with relational database back-ends as well as developing software which performs automated sequence analysis. On any given day we are writing new code, helping the lab to use our software and end users to interpret its results. Life is never dull!

Required skills:
Applicants need to have solid experience in a modern scripting language (We use modern Perl and Ruby) as well as good working knowledge of relational databases such as PostrgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle. The job will initially involve coming to grips with our Perl-based code, which is based around the Catalyst framework and DBIx::Class, and uses Moose.

We would prefer candidates with experience, but we're also willing to train recent graduates in computer science or a related discipline. You should have an interest in bioinformatics, demonstrable programming skills in a modern scripting language, and be willing to be trained in modern Perl. The role will develop technical skills and allow the applicant to acquire substantial biological knowledge in a world-class research institute: it is an ideal opportunity for a talented graduate. 

Full job ad, including links to existing software and more information about working at the Sanger Institute is here:


Applicants are welcome to contact me with informal inquiries (vvi at sanger.ac.uk) but all applications should be done via the web-site.

Vivek Iyer

Vivek Iyer
High Throughput Gene Targeting
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
vvi at sanger.ac.uk

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