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Nicholas Maynard nicholas at bluepelican.com
Fri Feb 8 11:29:19 GMT 2013

Hi There

I have been provided this email to alert you to a potential new contract. I know that this is a London group however I am looking for someone on the south coast. The rate my client is offering will be competitive. If you or any of your friends or colleagues may be available or interested in please feel free to submit your CV and I will happily give you a call. Many thanks or taking the time to review this message.

Overview of the position
The role involves the full life-cycle of software development from new builds to maintenance and
updates. The focus of the role will be on the maintenance of an enterprise access management
system written in Perl.
Education and experience
● Professional experience in developing significant software systems with the target
technologies is required
● A degree-level education in computer science, software engineering or similar is preferred
Desirable skills, knowledge and attributes
● Experience of Perl development including object-oriented Perl
● Ability to work well in a team or alone
● Good communication skills in written and spoken English
● Desire to learn new skills and keep up with technologies
● Knowledge of web development techniques such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript
● Experience of XML technologies such as XSLT, XPath, XQuery
● Knowledge of SQL database systems such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server or
● Experience of the Linux / Unix environment
● Knowledge of version control with Subversion, CVS or similar systems
● Knowledge of web servers and application servers such as Apache/mod_

Kind Regards

Nicholas Maynard




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