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Leo Lapworth leo.lapworth at foxtons.co.uk
Tue Mar 19 12:10:37 GMT 2013

Fulltime onsite Senior Web Developer at Foxtons:

Location: West London (w4 5be)

Salary: 40-55k depending on experience

Contact: careers at foxtons.co.uk to apply ( for sepecific questions feel free to email me directly  or msg me on IRC – ranguard )

You must already be able to work in the UK.

You will be joining a small but dedicated team who are given the freedom to excel. You must be passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and usability. With few formal meetings, your day might cover working with the sysadmin, helping the designers with JavaScript, integrating with the CRM webservices or generating Google earth kml files for search results.

Recognised as the leading estate agents website in the world ( http://propertyawards.net/international-2012/ ) we want to maintain this reputation for providing cutting edge features, without losing simplicity and usability. We also provide solutions within the company, be this helping production by generating InDesign formatted text, or replacing a MS Word based brochure system with one which generates PDF files from configurations generated through a web GUI.

You will need to have strong communication skills (occasionally doing internal presentations) and be someone who works well as part of a team and enjoys sharing ideas and debating options. You will be expected to provide input in the design of systems and can even venture an opinion on front end design issues.

Core modules used in our systems:
- Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Template::Toolkit, TheSwartz, MogileFS, Memcache, Perlbal, Plack, Test::More, Moose, PDF::API2 along with hundreds of others.

Our setup:
- Website: 600k+ visitors a month, 350k+ images live at any one time, html/rss/kml/json
- Existing systems: mass data processing / data analysis / image processing / PDF generation
- Development environment: Puppet deployment, virtualized personal servers, iMac desktops

Of course you will already be used to writing tests and doing code reviews. You are also likely to have several CPAN modules, and follow the latest technical developments, for example Moose and Moo.

http://www.foxtons.co.uk/foxtons/careers/skills/senior-web-developer.html – if you want to apply through our online form



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