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Peter Sergeant peters at broadbean.com
Wed Jun 18 10:28:20 BST 2014

Morning all,

We're looking for a talented Senior Developer to join our team in our lovely Canary Wharf offices. You'll be working on a mixtures of new and less new codebases, you'll be able to influence the technologies we use, and will be partly responsible for the architecture of the resulting products.

We build a Software As A Service product for recruiters, and have 60%-70% of the UK market depending on who you ask. We're a smallish company (90 people in the UK, 40 in California, a handful in Sydney) owned by a much larger company. Post-probation we offer (non-contractually, to permanent staff) flexible working and 50% telecommuting. We've got a development team of 30 and are fully committed to Perl, clearing our technical debt, and doing things the right way moving forward...

As an aside, we also currently have the Glorious Leader Tom (as well as a fair few other LPMers) on premises...

You'll need to show proof of strong and "Modern" Perl - at least familiarity with various testing modules, exposure to Moose would be useful. You should have opinions that you can justify on the "right" level of testing, and the pros and cons of continuous delivery. You can take a stab at the philosophical differences between Catalyst, Dancer, and Mojolicious.

Email: peters at broadbean.com with at least your CV and optionally any of your GitHub Profile, CPAN ID, LinkedIn address, and anything else you think might be of interest. Or if you just have some questions and fancy distracting me, you can just email me those.
Peter Sergeant
Broadbean Technology

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