[Jobs] Jenkins consultancy

David Cantrell david.cantrell at uk2group.com
Thu May 8 16:11:32 BST 2014

My lovely employers UK2.net would like to hire someone to do some 
Jenkins configuration work for us. We anticipate that there is at most a 
week of work. It will involve setting up Jenkins, configuring it to talk 
to Github, configuring it to run our testing scripts when necessary, 
possibly patching those scripts to make them more Jenkins-friendly, and 
thoroughly documenting all that was done.

We have an application with a perl/Dancer/MySQL back end and a fancy 
Javascript front end, all of which has tests. We would like to have it 
all automagically tested using Jenkins. The code for both parts is 
stored in private repositories in Github. We want, for each repository:

* automatic testing whenever something is pushed to master;
* automatic testing when pull requests are created or updated

For the perl application we use perlbrew and avoid the system perl. 
Tests are mostly Dancer::Test/Test::Class but with some plain old .t 
files. There is somewhat hairy setup for it, which is mostly hidden away 
in a nice script. We would like to use Devel::Cover to generate coverage 
reports when tests are run, although something about our code makes D::C 
die horribly at the moment.

The Javascript application has tests that use node.js, Jasmine, Karma 
and PhantomJS. Karma can generate coverage reports.

We've struggled with getting Jenkins set up to behave as we want, and 
rather than spend yet more time bashing our heads against it we've 
decided to just throw money at the problem and hire someone experienced 
to set it up. Ideally the work will be done on-site at our offices on 
Brick Lane, E1, with me or one of the other developers shadowing you.

No, we have no idea how much to pay. Why don't you tell us :-)

So, who's up for it?

David Cantrell

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