[ANNOUNCE] [LPW] Pub for Friday 25th

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Mon Nov 21 16:46:27 GMT 2005

As is tradition (well, we did it last year) those who have already
arrived will be sejourning in a bar on the Friday night 
practically humming with excitement like so many ADHD affected children   
on the night before Christmas who ahve been given 8 times the RDA of 
Sugar and Caffeine during the day and then told that if they vibrate at 
the right frequency then Santa will bring twice the number of presents.

That's pretty excited.

We've commandeered the back right corner of the frabulous Prince Arthur 
on Eversholt Street near Euston and shall arrive there from about 6pm 


The Prince Arthur does tasty beers and even tastier Thai Food. And it 
has table service which should prevent our European Monger brethren from 
becoming too confused.

For those more curious about British Pub Culture the Social Issues 
Research Center (a human behaviour think tank) was commissioned to 
produce this guide to going to the pub for foreigners


it's well worth a read :)

See you there,

The Organisers

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