[ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] This Thursday, 5th of February @ The Prince Arthur, Euston

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Tue Jan 31 16:40:49 GMT 2006

As mentioned before 


This Thursday we'll be heading back to The Prince Arthur near Euston for 
tasty food, foamy drink and witty bandinage. 
Once again I would like to encourage new people, lurkers and long term       
absentees to turn up - come for the "free drink for first timers" offer,     
stay for the musical entertainment, witty banter, lively debate and          
general bon vivage, that's what I say.                                       
Now the standard blurb ...                                                   
  Social meetings are a chance for people to meet up face to face for a      
  quiet drink (alcoholic or not) A fair chunk of Perl is talked at the       
  meetings, but also people who have no interest in the language often       
  pop along to socialise.  There's no charge to enter, no agenda, and we     
  tend to think of it more as pleasant drinks rather than any serious        
  People normally turn up after work, and many stay until closing time.      
  Food is normally consumed at the pub by those wanting nourishment          
  though sometimes small groups of people head off for food either           
  during or after the meeting.                                               
Directions from Euston                                                       
  Walk up north up Eversholt street which is the road on the east hand       
  side of Euston station. Walk past the, err, gentleman's night club         
  and the Post Office depot and the pub is a few hundred meters up on        
  the right (East) of the road. That's it.                                   
Buses and tubes:                                                             
  Euston is on the Northern and Victoria lines and the pub is within         
  walking distance of Kings Cross and Euston Square (District, Circle        
  and Metropolitan). It's not far from Mornington Crescent or                
  Warren Street either.                                                      
  Bus wise, a bewildering number turn up to Euston and it's pointless me     
  enumerating them.                                                          

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