[ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] June Social - The Founders Arms, Bankside

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Mon May 22 14:31:39 BST 2006

Let us join our hands together and either pray to $diety _of_choice or
wish silently (if you're so inclined) for a sunny June the 8th because
we've reserved space at The Founders Arms - once described as "Ghastly
on the Outside, Smooth and Choclatey Youngs Beer on the Inside" by,
err, me. Just then. 

Situated right by the river, next to that culutral mecca that is the 
Wibbly Wobbly Bridge (and some art gallery, apparently).

If it's sunny (HAH!) then we'll sit outside by the river.

I'll send another reminder closer to the time.


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