[ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Thursday July the 5th at The College Arms, Bloomsbury

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Sat Jun 30 13:37:38 BST 2007

It always happens, I book the pub way in advance, think I have plenty of 
time to do the announcement and then forget to do it until the Sunday 
before. Bad me! No Cookie!

Aaaaaanyway. So after the last couple of months' worth of influx of new 
people (I think we had 10 first timers last month which was awesome on 
the one had but wallet ruining for me on the other :) we're trying a new 
pub this month.

It's called the College Arms and we've got the basement lounge. The beer 
is tasty, the food good (The College Club is especially excellent) and 
there's Wifi. And a pool table.


So come along, make sure they know we're worth having back. And if its 
your first time then please feel free to try and bankrupt me again. I'll 
probably be sitting clutching a stuffed camel - please let me introduce 
myself, buy you a drink and then show you around.


Now the standard blurb ...

  Social meetings are a chance for people to meet up face to face for a
  quiet drink (alcoholic or not) A fair chunk of Perl is talked at the
  meetings, but also people who have no interest in the language often
  pop along to socialise.  There's no charge to enter, no agenda, and we
  tend to think of it more as pleasant drinks rather than any serious

  People normally turn up after work, and many stay until closing time.
  Food is normally consumed at the pub by those wanting nourishment
  though sometimes small groups of people head off for food either
  during or after the meeting.


  The pub is on Store Street which runs between Gower Street and 
  Tottenham Court Road about half way up both.

By Tube

  Tottenham Court Road, Warren Street and Russell Square are all close.

  Covent Garden, Euston, Euston Square and Leicester Square aren't too 
  far away.

By Bus

  Loads of buses go nearby.


  We'll be in the downstairs room.

  Serves Ale (Spitfire, Greene King IPA and Brakespeare), cider 
  (Strongbow and Bullmers) and food (including quite a bit of 
  vegetarian food and a really good College Club sandwich).

  Has Wifi and iPub (the system that allows you to hear the tele via

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