[ANNOUNCE] Beware the heretic!

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Wed Oct 24 21:14:38 BST 2007

There are dark portents abroad. There is a strange heretical sect which
believes that they should meet on the day after the first Wednesday of
the month.  This normally means the first Thursday of the month, but
November is one of those times that they imperil their immortal souls.
So I pray that those of you who follow the true Faith and who will
therefore be at the Bridge House on Tower Bridge Road will welcome any
of those benighted heathens who join us on Trhursday the 1st of
November, and also preach the word of the LORD at their debauched Sabbat
one week later.

David Cantrell | Enforcer, South London Linguistic Massive

Perl: the only language that makes Welsh look acceptable

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