[ANNOUNCE] May social

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Wed Apr 9 15:01:16 BST 2008

This year, May is the only chance that the evil heretics get to tempt
you into sin and depravity by messing with the calendar.  The correct
date and place etc for the social, no matter what Kake The Sinful Pub-
mistress and Greg The Sadly Fallen Into Error will tell you, is:

the date:  May the 1st
the time:  after work
the pub:   Bread and Roses
the place: Clapham
the URL:   http://london.randomness.org.uk/wiki.cgi?Bread_And_Roses,_SW4_6DZ

Be there, or lose your immortal souls.

David Cantrell | http://www.cantrell.org.uk/david

  I don't do .INI, .BAT, or .SYS files.  I don't assign apps to files.
  I don't configure peripherals or networks before using them. I have
  a computer to do all that. I have a Macintosh, not a hobby.
        -- Fritz Anderson

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