[ANNOUNCE] LPW2008: Call for Volunteers

Mark Keating mdk at shadowcatsystems.co.uk
Wed Nov 5 11:41:22 GMT 2008

Dear Perl Mo[u]nguers,

This London Perl Workshop, like so many previos years Perl Workshops 
relies upon a healthy team of volunteers, both tall and short, wide and 
thin, up and down and in and out, with no exception. Therefore if you 
would like to participate in this magnificent event by profferring a 
little of your time it would be much appreciated.

The basic requirement is a willingness to be subjected to totaliatrian 
rule with little reward...I mean of course to fun, laughter, skiing in 
Kloisters and bathing in Monaco...tbh it will mostly involving herding 
speakers and helping them to set up - so some people with technical 
experience of computers ( \o/ ) would be appreciated (which is all of 
you, I think).

Please contact mdk(a)shadowcat.co.uk if you'd like to help, in fact even 
if you wouldn't like to help lets go for it anyway.

On a secondary note, it would be nice if we could video as many of the 
talks as possible for YAPC TV, I am sure that amongst us we know enough 
budding Luc Besson's who have a passion for video-ing. If this just 
means we get enough 'loans' of video recorders and people willing to 
spend a few hours capturing/compressing and getting it to the YAPC TVers 
then that'd be excellent. Again email me at the above address and I will 
attempt to sort out what levels of equipment we have and division the 
labour amongst the many, many of you who will volunteer.



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