[ANNOUNCE] London.pm Perlm[ou]ngers social, September 03 2009, Edgar Wallace, Strand WC2R

James Laver james.laver at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 16:33:44 BST 2009

Lets go back to the Edgar Wallace, which has truly fantastic beer,
even if our favourite friendly barman is now in Alaska (which seems an
unusual choice of place to go work...).

The Edgar is one of the best real ale pubs in London and has a great
range of other drinks. It's quite close to temple station on the
stripy yellow and green line[1] and a 10 minute walk from chancery
lane on the too-hot-in-summer[2] line.

They have a nice menu and food is reasonably priced. There are ciders
on offer, etc.

We've been here many times, I'm sure we all know what it has to offer
by now. If you haven't been, this is one of our favourite pubs, so
don't miss out on some of the best beer in london.[3] If it's your
first social, our glorious leader will even buy you a beer!

Randomness link:

This will be more or less the format for future social announcements,
any feedback, contact me off-list.

I've also been told to ask people to bring any camels they have
(preferably stuffed, environment health might get a bit shirty about a
live one). Camel burgers, pies, etc. also welcome. I'm sure the most
impressive camel will win a free beer off our ever-glorious leader. If
your first time, bring the most impressive camel and get two free beers.

Anyway, beer!

See you all there!


[1] or district and circle lines if you prefer.
[2] or the central line as tfl call it, I think my name is more accurate.
[3] as for the people working nearby, I know who you are and I'll know
if you don't turn up.

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