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this seems to be apropos to london.pm.


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  "Then there was Ninette--petite, just five feet two inches of
  radiant happiness and as pretty as a picture.  She was an
  air-raid warden.

  "She was off duty that night.  We danced in a Soho dungeon, and
  were lucky to find a taxi to take us home while the raid was
  still on.  It was a particularly loud one and, around midnight,
  I phoned to make sure she was safe, as she lived alone.

  "There was no reply.  The line was dead.

  "Anxiously I walked the mile to her house.

  "It was no longer there.

  "We had been dancing a few hours earlier.  I could still smell
  the scent of her hair, and Ella Fitzgerald with the Ink Spots had
  sung, "Into each life some rain must fall."

  "It echoed still in my mind, and I went back to work."

  - George Rodger, photographer, who covered the Blitz in London,
    recalling the outcome of a German bombing raid.  Rodger's
    photos are collected in the book, The Blitz: The Photography
    of George Rodger.

    [qotd commemorates Remembrance Day today.  -eds.]

     Submitted by: Terry Labach
                   Nov. 11, 2005
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