REMINDER Pub Quiz tonight

Simon Wistow simon at
Tue Nov 15 09:01:23 GMT 2005

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 01:26:13PM +0000, Ben Evans said:
> Just a quick reminder that the charity pub quiz is tonight - it's in
> the Prince Arthur in Euston - turn up from half past six, for a half
> seven start.

And rollicking good fun it was too. Lots of money raised for charidee 
and all that. 

For posterity these were Ben's questions. Good team names and 
humorous answers were rewarded. Pedantary was harshly dealt with. One 
team gained a point for giving the answer to questions 30 as "Sherlock 
Holmes and the case of the missing septum" but lost a point for giving 
the answer "Highland Park" to number 23.

Don't reply to me or the list with answers - I'm going to post them as a 
reply to this. 

As mentioned, pedantry will be harshly dealt with.

01. In which film does Kevin Costner play an uncredited dead body?
02. Which two adjacent underground stations is it not possible to walk 
    between overground?
03. Name the three green streets on a monopoly board
04. Where is Arthur's Seat?
05. In the Trumpton rollcall, who is the only fireman whose full name is
06. Ouagadougou is the capital of which country?
07. Einstein's theory of Special Relativity was published in what year?
08. Who played the female lead in Psycho?
09. In which year was Blur's album Parklife released?
10. Who are 'Teddy Bears' named after?

11. What was Patrick McGooghan's number in The Prisoner?
12. What was Iain Banks's first novel?
13. Whom does Jane Eyre marry?
14. What is the name of the small yellow bird who appears in 'Peanuts'?
15. What year was the evacuation of Dunkirk?
16. Which 1986 animated childrens film features the voice talents of
    Orson Welles (in his final film appearance), Leonard Nimoy and Eric
17. Who was president of the USA when Neil Armstring walked on the moon?
18. What does the acronym NATO stand for?
19. Which disease does Professor Stephen Hawking suffer from?
20. What year was the Great Fire of London?

21. What is the title of Ernest Hemingway's account of the Spanish Civil
22. What are the 'dark satanic mills' referred to in the hymn
23. Which distillery is located on the Isle of Skye?
24. Who was the mad genius who created the Daleks in the TV series Dr
25. Who led the first team to reach the South Pole?
26. Astronomy: What is the closest star to earth, after the Sun?
27. Which Camden pub is owned by Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim)?
28. Greek Myths: Who was the Greek goddess of wisdom?
29. What was the Manhattan Project?
30. Which Sherlock Holmes novel opens with Holmes taking cocaine?

31. Who wrote 'Trainspotting'?
32. Which King signed the Magna Carta?
33. Which Dickens novel was left unfinished?
34. Which ship did Charles Darwin sail on?
35. Which US state is now the home of Rennie's London Bridge?
36. In what year was the Spice Girl's single "Wannabe" released?
37. What is the biggest selling beer in Nigeria?
38. Who played Spiderman in the recent movies?
39. In which year did Peter Cook die?
40. "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking
     thirteen." is the first line from which book?

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