[SPOILER] Answers - was Re: REMINDER Pub Quiz tonight

muppet scott at asofyet.org
Tue Nov 15 13:29:25 GMT 2005

On Nov 15, 2005, at 6:33 AM, Ben Evans wrote:

> As it was my quiz, I think I can get away with some pedantry.
> There are 3 stars called Alpha Centauri - one of which is also called
> Proxima Centauri and we accepted both answers.

Interestingly enough, this question was on Jeopardy the other night.   
Nobody got it, and Alex Trebec sounded very smug as a intoned  
meaningfully the name "Proxima Centauri.  Proxima."

I think it worked on the Wiley Coyote model of project management - if
at any point you looked down and realised what you were doing was
impossible then you'd instantly fail.
   -- Simon Wistow

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