That list website usability thing Simon mentioned... [Was: [SPOILER] Answers]

Luis Campos de Carvalho monsieur_champs at
Tue Nov 15 16:50:42 GMT 2005

--- Simon Wistow <simon at> escreveu:
> At some poitn, if anybody cares, someone should sit down with a big 
> sheet of white paper, a cup of coffee and a copy of "Don't make me 
> think" by Steve Krug and stop the usability of the website sucking. In 
> 90% of occasions if someone can't do something that is actually possible 
> then it's the fault of the interface not the user.

  Oh, well, I agree with Simon on this, even running the risk of becoming the next target of the
"screaming monks" that Simon mentioned ;-)

  I even can volunteer to help (testing and coding) building the missing functions.

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