British Culture, Was: [LPW] Tentative talk schedule

Greg McCarroll greg at
Tue Nov 15 21:56:50 GMT 2005

On 15 Nov 2005, at 19:00, Tom Hukins wrote:

> I'm always happy to sing my party piece of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and
> Toes" in Swedish, but unfortunately it has little relevance to screen
> scraping with WWW::Mechanize.

So this is what happens to people whose only entertainment is concrete
cows ;-)

Just for the non-brits, Tom has recently moved back to Milton Keynes  
is probably most famous for its concrete life-size statues of cows - you
can't make this sort of thing up. It reminds me of the time I tried to
persuade a south african that it was an English custom to have some men
dressed up with bells on and one dressed as a women, who would be  
given a
stick with an inflated pigs bladder to hit the others while they all  


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