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Luis Campos de Carvalho monsieur_champs at yahoo.com.br
Wed Nov 16 19:44:09 GMT 2005

--- Lusercop <`the.lusercop'@lusercop.net> escreveu:
> If yahoo can't get their mailservers right then I fail
> to see how that's my problem. RFC compliance is a strong 
> indicator of competence and ability to deal with abuse 
> reports. If you can't do either of those, then why 
> should I want your mail?
> I've seen lots of incompetent large providers - I 
> see all sorts of random addresses being tried at 
> many of my domains. If they can't manage their
> mail system responsibly, they don't deserve to 
> have their mail accepted.

  Hum... obviously you don't depend on client's email contacts to make business and to keep your
jobs running... even the most enlightened client here would use a "Large and Incompetent" ISP mail

  I can't give me this privilege: I need to accept emails from everybuddy, and deal with them the
best I can.

  BTW, thank you for your wisdom and enlightment. ;-)

Luis Campos de Carvalho
Member of "São Paulo Perl Mongers",
Unix SysAdmin & OCP/DBA Oracle


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