Looking for a nice and friendly company to registry a .com domain...

Luis Campos de Carvalho monsieur_champs at yahoo.com.br
Wed Nov 16 20:29:31 GMT 2005

--- Dirk Koopman <djk at tobit.co.uk> escreveu:
> If you are VAT registered (as I am) then some EU sites
> have a box for you to enter your VAT No. This then 
> will raise an intra-EU invoice which is free of VAT.
> Mandriva/drake store is an example of this, but 
> there are others.

  Hey! This could be interesting.
  Could you please tell me where I can get something like this?

  I'm opening my first Internet Development company. My willing is to sell software to Europe
(maybe Perl software for websites, intranets and the like). But contacting clients on the other
side of the atlantic is not an easy task... 

  Maybe the Perl Mongers have any suggestions. Or even some work you can send me. Remember that
the exchange is on my favor. ;-)

  Thank you all for the advice and indications.

Luis Campos de Carvalho
Member of "São Paulo Perl Mongers",
Unix SysAdmin & OCP/DBA Oracle


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