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Lusercop `the.lusercop' at lusercop.net
Thu Nov 17 10:35:44 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 12:42:02PM +1100, Jens Porup wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 05:02:36PM +0000, Lusercop wrote:
>> If yahoo can't get their mailservers right then I fail to see how that's
>> my problem. RFC compliance is a strong indicator of competence and ability
>> to deal with abuse reports. If you can't do either of those, then why should
>> I want your mail?
> Because in the real world, people want to send you stuff, and they get mad
> when the "stupid email" breaks.

At which point they pick up the phone.

>> I've seen lots of incompetent large providers - I see all sorts of random
>> addresses being tried at many of my domains. If they can't manage their
>> mail system responsibly, they don't deserve to have their mail accepted.
> I'm not willing to lose business for what is, in the grand scheme of the
> universe, small potatoes.

The internet long ago became a place where it was impossible to conduct
business by email reliably - I've missed important mails because they
had a subject line of URGENT from names I didn't immediately recognise,
and I just instantly hit the 'd' key.

If your email is readable without serious spam and anti-virus filtering, I
envy you. Mine hasn't been for several years now. My domain has been (and
is continually) joe-jobbed, I see multiple bounce attempts for all sorts
of random addresses at my MX. If not, I've seen important business emails
be lost because of spam filtering. People are now starting to accept this

I have said in other places that I think that running mail systems on the
public internet compares to driving a car.

You expect to have to pass a test to be allowed to drive on public roads.
Why? because cars can do harm. You can't set up your mailserver properly,
how do I know that it isn't going to be exploited for some arsehole to send
me and others tons of junk. Show that you can run something competently and
correctly, and I'll happily accept your mail. If your mail is that important
to you, then you will fix the problems with your mailsystem, as more and
more people are forced to share my (and that of others, apparently)

SMTP was designed as a reliable mail transfer. So many people do not adhere
to the basic principles that I can no longer tell whether my mail has been
delivered or not.

> If you are, then more power to you.

If I intend reliability, I will pick up the phone, or use some other realtime
synchronous communication mechanism. I am not so overwhelmed by phone spam
that my phone number is unusable, yet.... You can thank other people who
don't believe in accepting bounces, or who don't believe in giving sensible
status codes etc for this. Email delivery is no longer reliable because of
a few software designers who didn't understand what they were doing, and put
in stupid options that allowed people to shoot themselves, and others, in the

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