Selection differences -> adds and removes

Simon Wistow simon at
Thu Nov 17 12:12:22 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 11:51:51AM +0000, Jonathan Peterson said:
> If someone wants to un-sub, they are no longer interested in the list 
> contents. So they have stopped reading it, so they have no idea what was 
> posted five days, or indeed five minutes ago.

> snip utter sense <

I ... I ... I think I love you

For what it's worth, in the future, before the usual suspects (and I was 
batting about 60% of my projected list  mentioned in a previous mail) 
dive in the moment they perceive some slight against the sanctity of the 
mailing list then please pause and wait to see if one of the list admins 
(we who lurk in a shadowy cabal controlling the Secret World Government) 

And when I say wait, I mean not just five minutes. has around 
700 members subscribed and that means that messages can take a while to 
get through. I mean a day. Or, if it's late on a Friday or over the 
weekend then maybe waiting until Monday around 11-ish.

Worst case scenario the list has to wait a maximum of 2 days to read 
your incisive yet cutting put down of some n00b. Best case scenario 
someone more measured comes along first and you don't embarass 
yourselves or us.

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