Looking for a nice and friendly company to registry a .com domain...

Andrew Beattie andrew at tug.com
Fri Nov 18 07:23:51 GMT 2005

Robin Berjon wrote:

> On Nov 16, 2005, at 14:07, Jonathan Stowe wrote:
>> VAT = "Value Added Tax", it is a fairly standardized tax on Goods and
>> Services in the European Union. Depending on the country it varies
>> between 10% and 20%, it is 17.5% in the UK.
> I'm not sure which VAT they apply. If the French one (since it's a  
> French company) it's 19.6%.

Correct:  http://faq-en.gandi.net/faq-72.html

A happy Gandi user for many years.

My choice was based on a survey many years ago that identified their 
contract as particularly fair.  This was in the light of some 
particularly evil contract terms that Verisign were imposing at the 
time.  (dunno if this still applies)

Also, they were recommended to me by Mr Wardley and the price was right.


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