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Lusercop `the.lusercop' at
Fri Nov 18 07:37:53 GMT 2005

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 11:10:39PM +0000, Jacqui Caren wrote:
> Lusercop wrote:
> >My point stands. Unfiltered email - which is what you need to
> >guarantee that you'll never lose an email ever - is no longer useable.
> ASSP can store email without delivering it.
> That way when the MD calls you to ask if you know anything about a
> missing email from his brother in .au, I grep for his name and
> pick it out of the "spam" dir, move it into the "not-spam" and
> forward it to the original recipient.
> Seriously noddy stuff.

Absolutely, and if you don't know there's something there to grep because
it's not, say a normal correspondent of yours, you lose. Game over.

Seriously noddy stuff.

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