Game over. We lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

Paul Makepeace paul at
Fri Nov 18 19:52:10 GMT 2005

On 18 Nov 2005, at 15:42, Graham Seaman wrote:

> Catalyst if I want total flexibility but don't mind spending time  
> learning about a lot of modules by different authors.

I would not frame Catalyst in terms of having to learn loads of  
modules but rather that if you know a particular module really well  
you'll probably be able to make use of that knowledge right away.  
Contrast this with the others where if you know one module and that  
module or technique is part of their One True Way, you've got some  
reconfiguration on your brain.

For example, if you know TT then you're good to go with Catalyst and  
start writing views. If you know Mason, ditto. And so on. There's no  
requirement whatsoever to learn any of those other options.


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