Game over. We lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

Sebastian Riedel sri at
Sat Nov 19 16:18:16 GMT 2005

19.11.2005 16:53 Leslie Riggs:

>>> For example, if you know TT then you're good to go with Catalyst  
>>> and start writing views. If you know Mason, ditto. And so on.  
>>> There's no requirement whatsoever to learn any of those other  
>>> options.
>> The corollary to that being that if you're not familar with any of  
>> those options the choice is too bewildering, you give up and go  
>> and use Rails instead. Sometimes choice is a bad thing.
>> It also seems to be the case that there is often one lead choice  
>> and if you want to use something different you enter a world of  
>> pain. c.f. earlier discussion of Maypole and Sybase.
>> Simon.
> I will tell you that this is the case for someone who is new to  
> Perl, who discovers this whole array of choices, and then concludes  
> that there is just too much to learn to let oneself become skilled  
> enough to USE any of it.

Bundle::Catalyst is a good selection of components to get started  
with Catalyst.


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