Denny De La Haye denny at
Tue Nov 22 09:44:54 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 23:01 +0000, David Hodgkinson wrote:
> You should all be ashamed. The mighty Grep did his Circadian Screen  
> Scraping Snooze Button Enabled Live Departure gizmo and where [sic] 
> you there to  support?
> Were you heck.
> Greg pwned dorkbot tonight.


> This is the kind of advocacy perl needs.

Did anybody post to the list that someone from the list was presenting
there?  I don't follow the dorkbot stuff, but I'd have gone along to see
that if I'd noticed it was on.  Even though I can walk to work from my
place  :)

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