Game over. We lost. Nothing to see here, move along.

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> > Except that here they're saying that they already have 
> > familarity with one
> > particular tool and want to use it. Choice is good in this 
> > context. What
> > I'm saying is that if you walk into a store with a load of 
> > parts and get
> > told you can put together any vehicle you want but be sure to choose
> > wisely as some of the parts don't play well together, some people will
> > head next door to buy a shiny Ford and a few accessories that 
> > they know
> > will work well.
> Sounds like setting out to buy a PC laptop capable of running Linux, and
> ending up buying an Apple Mac instead.

That's what I did.. and Linux runs really well on the iBook. The
standardisation of hardware and the quantity of the laptops in circulation
means that support is actually quite good. Power management works perfectly,
sound and 3D acceleration work, and even the apple-specific function keys do
what they say.

I acknowledge this is not the point of the your argument though.

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