[LPW] For Certain Values of 'Free'

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Thu Nov 24 15:50:16 GMT 2005

Just as a heads up - an, err, unexpected cost has arisen in the planning
of the LPW which has meant that we have to shell out about 200 quid or

This is not a disaster and certainly won't stop the event going ahead 
but we will have tin at the front desk held, possibly, by a wide eyed 
orphan with an adorable cockney accent and tear rolling slowly down one 

If you're feeling particularly generous then an entirely voluntary  
donation of a quid or two will prevent me having to sell Greg McCarroll 
into white slavery. 

Any excess will be put to good causes. Possibly a double whisky for me 
to calm my nerves but probably something more philanthropical.

We may make it a raffle and have prizes.


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