blogging software

Daniel Barlow dan at
Fri Nov 25 18:00:46 GMT 2005

My brief evaluation of available blogging software "platforms" has
drawn the tentative conclusions that all the options are one or more

(a) hosted
(b) written in php, which wouldn't be a problem per se, but seems to
    invite a certain less-than-robust attitude to security
(c) undermaintained or unmaintained
(d) Movable Type (which for this application would be expensive)

and as I already have a phpbb installation to worry about, I'm loathe
to add another drive-in sql injection hole on any systems I have to
care about.  Any suggestions?

Requirements are

1/ new entries and entry editing through web forms interface
2/ multiple authors, each with own username/password
3/ comment support, preferably with simple comment moderation system
4/ vaguely pretty or easily prettifyable
5/ RSS
n/ if it can be hacked out the wazoo, that's good.  if it doesn't need
   to be, that's better

Sublogs and topics and stuff I can live without.

I don't seem to be finding anything that does enough of this stuff
out-of-the-box to make it worth learning my way around unstead of
inventing a wheel of my own.

Recommendations, anyone?  No, "edit by email" or "ftp the new entries"
is not an option here.  Yes, I too prefer to use a real text editor.
No, that still doesn't make it an option here.


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