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John Costello cos at
Mon Nov 28 22:50:19 GMT 2005

On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, Luis Campos de Carvalho wrote:
>   Hi folks.
>   Maybe anyone here could please help me find good salary references for a senior-level perl
> software engineer working in Lisbon, Pt? I just received a proposal, but have no references to
> figure out if its good or not. Maybe someone here could help me.
>   Many thanks in advance.

I don't have any reference point between Sao Paulo, Brazil and Lisbon, 
Portugal, but does have an international salary calculator.  
Their comparisons within the US are okay, and at the least you would ahve 
a reference point to check with others.  I arbitrarily put 50,000 as 
current salary for Sao Paulo, and the site decided I would need to make 
38,258 in Lisbon.  They don't list monetary units (I'd hope they are using 
dollars or euros).

The url is 

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