ADSL providers

Joel Bernstein joel at
Thu Dec 1 15:43:42 GMT 2005

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 10:16:32AM -0500, IvorW wrote:
> I need to source an ISP for somebody that needs to change. They are currently with Wanadoo, and are extremely dissatisfied with the service.
> I have been recommended e7even, which looks good.

Never heard of.

> I know about Tiscali, as they are my curernt ISP, and they aren't my first preference for a few reasons.

Crap, don't bother.

> I've also been recommended Bulldog.

Worst service in the world. Seriously, it's only comical because
otherwise you'd cry. They're still billing me months after I cancelled
all Bulldog services, their phone support is *laughable* [if you ever
get through and can handle the 1hour wait times]. Don't bother even
thinking about it.

> Any others I should look at?

Plusnet are great. Never had any problems, and their support is clueful
and answer the phone. I've also heard very good things about Prodigynet.


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