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Sat Dec 3 13:34:29 GMT 2005

Pulled from Dave Cross's mail (Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 04:06:08PM +0000):
> IvorW wrote:
> >I need to source an ISP for somebody that needs to change. They are
> >currently with Wanadoo, and are extremely dissatisfied with the
> >service.
> [ snip ]
> >Any others I should look at?
> You never hear people talk about Demon any more. I've been using Demon 
> as my ISP for over ten years and I've been getting ADSL from them for a 
> couple of years. I get the occasional outage but their support people 
> generally know what's going on and it all gets fixed quickly enough.

I, too, have been using Demon that long and have always been an advocate
of theirs. Recently, however, I've been seriously considering moving
(probably to Zen). My Demon ADSL connection quite regularly
(particularly of a Sunday evening) disconnects and needs manual
intervention (power-cycle the router) to bring it back up. Plus,
although Demon have lowered the price on may of their products for new
customers, I remain at their old rates which, frankly, are verging on
the extortionate these days.

Alex Hooper

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