Domain naming (was: ADSL providers)

Bob Walker bob at
Mon Dec 5 23:57:51 GMT 2005

On Mon, 5 Dec 2005, michael wrote:


> There was this guy (Bryan Walker) I knew at Uni, we called him (to his
> face)  Bryan the Misprint.  He though it was because he spelled his first
> name with a y (it wasn't he spelled his second name with an l and that
> was a clear and undeniable misprint)

It is actually quite a problem. the number of times ive actaully signed by 
name wanker is quite funny. Admiitedly im possibly the only one who can 
read my handwriting enough to know ive actaully done it.
In fact my middle name is not spelt how my parents intended because the 
registrar got confused when they said they wanted it spelt with a J (this 
is possibly the only interesting fact about me :) )

Bob Walker
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